E - Goniometer

A high-precision sensor technology used for joint angle measurements.

What is E - GON?

E- Goniometer is a high-precision sensor technology used by clinics for patient joint angle measurements. It can be easily used without slipping even in high physical activities. While precise measurements are taken in multiple axes with E-Gon, exercises can be performed through scenarios determined by clinicians.



Features of the goniometer for the most efficient rehabilitation treatments

Accurate Measurement

E-Gon is able to measure all joint angles with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Moreover, no reference device is required.

Aircraft Principal Axes

E-Gon can measure yaw, pitch and roll motions in 3 axes to achieve the best results.

Tele Rehabilitation

E-rehabilitation can be done with gamified scenarios so that distances do not interfere with treatment.

Anywhere and Anytime

E-Goniometer can be used in all joints without the need for assistance. It also does not need a reference device for verification.

Easy to Use

E-Goniometer is very easy to use through to its digital display, calibration key and simple interface.

Serious Games

It offers rehabilitation with serious medical games determined with therapists for exercise therapy.


New Generation Goniometry

The E-Gon differ from traditional mechanical measurement methods.

E-Gon measures much faster than traditional methods.
E-Gon has software that can transfer all data to the cloud.
E-Gon measures angles with 0.1mm accuracy without reference.
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