Upper extremity robotic rehabilitation device

Medroco was awarded the first prize on Siemens Healthineers ITT STN Event

What is P - ARM ?

Medroco P-Arm is an next generation end-effector based upper extremity robotic rehabilitation device. 

It is a robot that aims to quickly restore the motor functions of stroke patients in the post-stroke period and for this purpose, it aims to quickly learn certain movement patterns by using gamification focused on neuroplasticity. 


P - Arm

The first portable robot that combines exercise therapy and neurological therapy.


Medroco P-Arm can be used in all individuals in early stage, middle stage and later stage.

Latest Technologies

The system is equipped with the latest technologies. It does not need any additional equipment to operate.

Large Audience​

P-Arm offers resistance and assistive support up to 25kg force. Different age groups can use the device.


Currently, there are twenty different challenges for each scenario in the gamification section, which consists of five different.

Plug & Play

The P-Arm is easily portable and plug-and-play. In this way, individuals can be treated remotely at home.

Academic Studies​

academic studies are carried out with Yeditepe and Acibadem universities in patient groups such as Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Motor-Neuron Disase.


Global Innovations

P-Arm has four different functional modes with its international innovative technologies. 

Active Mode
Passive Mode
Resistive Mode
Teaching Mode
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