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You can bring your product to the latest technology by being integrated with Medroco Connect.



All integrated hardwares establish an easy and uninterrupted connection using wireless connection protocols such as bluetooth or wifi.

  • Bluetooth Classic
  • BLE
  • Wifi
find your

amazing games

You can add motivation to your exercise by choosing the game you want from the game pool that is compatible with integrated hardware and designed with experts.

  • Low Latency
  • Current Games
  • New Games Added All the Time

serious reports

Dynamically track your progress with reports. After each activity, an activity report is generated.

take feedbacks from EXPERTS

Share your reports with any expert and get suggestions and feedback. Everything you need for more accurate development is at Medroco Connect.

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    All you need is to download Medroco Connect and pair your device easily. Medroco connect will be in app stores very soon!

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    All Medroco equipment is guaranteed for 2 years. When you encounter any problem, you can apply to Medroco with the invoice sent to you.

    In case of any problem with your device, you can first try remote repair and maintenance by contacting Medroco technical units. If the problems do not improve, the technical unit will assist you in shipping your device to Medroco free of charge. Your device will be repaired and maintained within 1 week from delivery and will be shipped back to you.

    With your device purchase, videos and content on how to use the device will be provided to you free of charge. In addition, 1 hour of free training on device usage will be provided. You can learn the details about usage from Medroco technical unit at any time.

    All Medroco technologies are designed to be portable and safe to use in the home environment. It is not necessary to have a specialist with you to use the devices.