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Updates & Call for Support

We haven’t been able to make any updates for a while. However, during this time, we have been working intensively on providing support in the aftermath of the earthquake disaster in our country.

Based on publicly available sources, here are the latest data we have gathered:

  • There are over 330 tent cities, consisting of more than 370,000 tents. Over 1.5 million affected individuals are staying in these tents.
  • There are over 210 container areas established.
  • UNICEF reported that 4.6 million children in Turkey are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.
  • Over 1 million children have left the area, but 3.5 million children are still residing in the affected areas.

In the field, especially in remote areas, there will be a long-term need for psychological, physical, and neurological therapy.

MEDROCO is an initiative focusing on the rehabilitation problem in middle to low-income countries and the increasing elderly population in developed countries. We are developing accessible, affordable robots, wearable technologies, and devices that can be used without the presence of experts and can transmit live data to remote specialists.

Our goal is to enable clinicians to remotely monitor individuals in a data-driven manner and encourage individuals to continue their exercises throughout the day with gamified scenarios. In doing so, we aim to democratize access to healthcare infrastructure and increase efficiency.

We have created a program to provide support, primarily to children and elderly individuals, with the technologies we have developed in the disaster area. We expect the program to last approximately 2 years and aim to touch as many lives as possible. The first phase of the program will begin in April.

❗❗ MEDROCO needs your support to carry out this operation. First, we would like to hold a collective meeting with those who wish to support us. Let’s discuss how we can maximize the impact together.

We kindly request associations and individuals with field experience, physical and rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, as well as institutions, organizations, and individuals who can support the operation to reach out to us through the form on our page:

We will schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time. We will also share the supporting organizations soon.

It would be great if you could share this blog post to reach more people.

Best regards,