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As the week comes to an end, let me share some good news 🙂

🌟 First of all, I hope you are doing well and have a great weekend.

🌎 We are going through a period where the effects of climate change are becoming more apparent, and I have full faith in initiatives. I hope for a future where we pay attention to reducing our individual carbon footprint 🙂

🎉 #PharmUP #demoday:

We were one of the 5 startups selected for the #PharmUP program organized by Sanofi and Endeavor Turkey this year. We completed the full, enjoyable, and developing event with workshops, mentorship meetings, trainings, events, and collaboration meetings with Sanofi Business Units with the demoday. It was a program where I made very valuable friends. Our process with Sanofi will continue.

MEDROCO won the 2nd prize at the Demoday. 🎊🎉🙂 It made us very happy to be awarded this prize by a jury of valuable members. We presented Medroco 2.0 for the first time at the #pharmUp demoday and I thank the entire Sanofi and Endeavor family for their feedback.


Medroco was founded to solve rehabilitation problems in middle and low-income countries. We developed portable robots, wearable technologies, and software that can be safely used at home and enables therapy with remote devices, supported by gamification. We have conducted user tests and rapidly made our products ready.

On the other hand, #fda has started to approve various virtual reality and medical game systems as prescription drugs for pain relief and treatment. A new revolution in health is ahead of us. With the more frequent agenda of the #metaverse concept -which is actually not new-, diagnosis-treatment-exercise has begun to change rapidly.

Medroco has turned into a platform service that centers around neuroplasticity-based exercise and enables manufacturers to integrate. While meeting the needs of the integrated manufacturers such as gamification and report presentation, it is positioned as a standardized, gamified, and reportable service that can be easily monitored for development by experts and individuals for institutions and users. We will launch it in the coming months. We are progressing with the aim of rapid growth globally.

I sincerely thank everyone who supported us.